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Each project shows variety in UX research and UX/UI design, design-thinking, agile methods, and manufacturing/building processes.

UX/UI Website — Rumi’s Passion

Left images show old version of Rumi's app and website layouts while right images show the new app and site layout.
Clicking this image will open into the Ux research and design project talking about this website and app redesign.
Before and after a complete redesign and build of Rumi’s Passion web & mobile site
(Dedicated Gluten-Free Artisan Bakery)

UX Research & Visual Design — A2Agile Inc.

A block of three images showing the growth of an inforgraphic from a crude scribble to a colored lined visual and finally the finished infographic on the right side.
Clicking this image will open into the Ux project done for A2Agile Inc.
Low-fi sketches that underwent a process to help solidify training materials

UI Graphic Exhibits — Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Four images from left to right.
1. A multi-sided exhibit stands tall with green graphics on the top of each side of two showing sides. A smaller green label sits below each of the main signs with digital looking odometers under the labels. Below these signs are part of a peddle bike and part of an flexibility pull exhibit.
2. A sit and spin stool has graphics showing the inside cut-away to what is inside a ball bearing disc. The center of the graphic is exposed showing the actual functional ball bearing disc.
3. A purple table with a Pac man shaped mouth faces you as the user. A plaque rests in the back which says peripheral vision with labels too small to read
4. The nose of a flat exhibit made to look like a rocket. Near the midpoint behind the nose is a label with a big red happ push button.
Clicking this image will open into a new window sharing details and process of the user interface label redesigns like these featured here.
UI identity for hands-on museum exhibits

Immersive 3d UX Design — The Dyning Room

Three images showing an immersive room from left to right.
1. A scale foam core model showing outer gallery walls and an inner set of walls. The inner set of walls has what looks like a wood floor inside.
2. Inside of an actual gallery space a wall of steel stud covered in panels is being set up by two people.
3. The inside of a colorful low-lit room made to look like a dining space of a traditional middle income home's space. Busy wallpaper adorns the walls and darker blue paneling is below some white chair rail. There is a lamp sitting on the buffet to the right and a window on the left wall. In the center sits an oblong table with a runner and four wood chairs.
Clicking this image will open to the Dining room MFA thesis project taking you to the process, thinking, and design. Note, the word dining in dining room is spelled with the letter why.
3d model, build, and creation of a complete immersive hands-on interactive space

Graphic Design — Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Five images from left to right.
1. Vision and mission poster for the Ann Arbor Hands-on museum shows a central world cartoonish graphic illustration with the museum's vision and mission in white which is not readable. Cartoon images surround the world representative of various museum exhibits and elements such as a small home, an ambulance, bubbles, music notes, and wind propellors
2. A red sign with hooks hangs three small clear handbags with black handles. Bags contain sound blocking earmuffs, sunglasses, and tactile toys. The sign reads Sensory friendly kits available here and shows icons of sunglasses and earmuffs on either side of the label
3. A purple vertical floor banner stands and reads the little scientist club. The rest of the banner is too small to be read but there are neon green and neon blue gears scattered around the white text
4. A blue and green gradient graphic shows a black and white image of a old man with short white wavy hair wearing a tie tassle with a white collar shirt and suit coat. The image sits to the right top below the words Dr. H. Richard Crane. The remaining text is unreadable to the right and below his image.
5. a visual illusion sign shows a rainbow gradient background with two white parallel lines. The top line has two arrow heads pointing away from the main line facing out. The bottom line has two arrow heads with the points to the arrow touching each end of the line. The lower line is an optical illusion making the viewer think the line is longer.
Clicking this image will open into a page taking you to various graphic design projects that were created while working at the Ann Arbor Hands-on museum.
Various graphic design posters, banners, and signs created for the museum

Exhibit Design Projects:

These quick image previews with descriptions show a variety of other 3d UX/UI experiences that were created and built for the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

Below projects are meant to show overall process, manufacturing and engineering understanding, and design-thinking processes.

To learn more about the particular projects below in greater detail please contact Kristina directly at kris@kcandy.com