A2Agile Infographics & Design

Kristina Rudolph | Product Design Consultant
Duration | September 2019 – Present
Software | AdobeCS, Google Slides, Agile Methodologies
Roles | UX research, Design


A2Agile is a company that provides businesses with training and workshops on Agile Methodologies including SCRUM. They requested clean and simple new graphic elements to their slides and an audit of their presentation and class to improve design and flow of the workshop.

This project is currently underway and the information that is not proprietary has been included below.


  • Product owners had cluttered slides with too much text that did not visually demonstrate some of the complex details of the Agile Methodology.
  • They wanted an infographic created to help classes visualize their “value cycle,” which is a special proprietary concept.
  • Their current visualizations of vision, story maps and value stream maps were cluttered, wordy, and hard-to-read.
  • They wanted to better articulate their flow of their two-day workshop and the look of their lecture materials and slides.

Original Layout & Flow

This project is still underway and proprietary. Information on the company and their current workshop can be found at: https://www.a2agile.com.

Initial Product Owner Meeting

Discoveries were made after attending the two-day workshop and developing empathy maps that reflected the differences in what the workshop attendees said, versus how they reacted and what was seen.

A report of “sticky points” was drafted with the product owners where we went through broad changes that could be changed to the slides, things to focus on as quick Agile fixes, and smaller changes that could be addressed and fixed quickly.


Product Owner Pain Points

  • Making new “AgendaBan” headers that created a cohesive brand and look of all workshops
  • Exercise icons needed to be refined because the message was unclear as to their meaning
  • Slides using timers needed to be refined as well as other small inconsistencies on slides and within the presentation and lecture materials
  • Redesign of the value stream map and SCRUM to incorporate A2Agile’s trademarked “Value Cycle”
  • Various improvements on slides needed to be revised because of communication break-down and lack of clarity with certain portions of presentation materials.

User Personas / Interview / Observation

Personas were not created for this project. Interviews and observation of classes taking the two-day workshop were observed and results were shared to obtain clarity for potential improvements.

User Pain Points

  • Improvement of the visual identity was requested to help attendees better navigate and retain workshop content.
  • The flow of slides and workshop booklet materials and exercises was inconsistent and confusing at times.
  • There were issues with consistency on slides and a common brand identity theme.