AAHOM Graphic Design

Kristina Rudolph | under the management of the exhibit director
Duration | January 2015 – April 2018
Software | Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Roles | Graphic design and vector illustration


The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum (AAHOM) is a 501(c)(3). My role, as an exhibit technician, was to; service, repair, clean, and update the 250+ museum exhibits from day-to-day.

Beyond these job tasks, I was frequently requested for the graphic design of various in-house print materials, signs, flyers, and banners.


Signs and labeling within the museum were highly varied. Various fonts were used with eclectic backgrounds and hard-to-see content contained some misspellings.

I created a similar set of backgrounds based on feedback from the exhibit director and museum director and set out to unify the museum’s in-house labeling, signs, and banners. A cohesive use of the font Roboto and simple colorful backgrounds created the sense of playfulness needed to still convey important information in a readable manner.

Museum posters, plaques, flyers, and booklets designed using Adobe Illustrator

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