Accessibility Information

Ux Kris strives to help others understand the importance of offering accessible and inclusive products and services to our human race.

The UserWay Website Accessibility Widget (blue circular button in upper left on screen), features software to raise your awareness and empathy to common accessibility experience limitations. It allows you to:

  • change the color contrast
  • alleviate keyboard navigation (adds skip links)
  • improving text and readability of forms, links, and page structure
  • adding image alt attributes
  • pausing site animations
Image of what the naviagation menu looks like shows two columns with five rows. Each has an icon. Row 1: Beginning in the upper left is Keyboard Nav followed by Read page.
Row 2: Contrast and Stop animations
Row 3: bigger text and legible fonts
Row 4: big cursor and tooltips
Row 4 highlight links and page structure
The ability to change these things helps users navigate with dyslexia, blindness, low-vision, colorblindness, and other disabilities.

Enabling the Accessibility Menu

Try it! Click the accessibility blue circle menu icon in the upper left of this page. After a moment the menu will load and you can turn on/off a variety of different accessible viewpoints.


Although this tool is a nice visual to help you understand accessibility concerns, it is not recommended as a fix to patch inaccessibility of a website. This just illustrates and empowers others to better understand the needs for improving accessibility.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Kristina at: