Dyning Room Comments

Impressions of the Dyning Room from some of the 250+ visitors:

Outside gallery looking into the exhibit
Outside gallery looking into the exhibit

At first entering the exhibit the music is slightly comical reminding me of an idealized world, fifties esq. But upon further investigation and observation the scenery is not only disturbing but profound. While life continues in the rest of the world, those who have been plagued by Cancer or have known someone who suffered, know that this is what life is/was like. From the caution pesticide signs littered all over the grass to the subtle Cancer cells in the wallpaper and lampshades to the almost benign presence of the waiting room, Kris has taken something as scary as Cancer and made it personal for each and every viewer. This exhibit truly speaks to each person. There is not one single piece in this exhibit that does not hold some significant meaning. Even Kris herself has become part of the exhibit welcome to hell or welcome to The Dyning Room.

Naomi Fauman
A detail of a decoupaged plate for Kristina's former best friend, Dana

I read about the exhibit in the Echo today (Tues.) 5/12 and figured I’d want to see it. I’m taking a microbiology class and figured it would be appropriate. The emotion that I felt was so strong in the house. Seeing the medicines and clumps of hair, I can only imagine what going through that would feel like. I’ve never had a family member with Cancer but I felt so close to tears in that room it was an unbelievable experience. The artist in my opinion is very talented and I can feel her in that room… Amazing.

Khelli Wade

Captivating. Emotional. =)

EMU Senior

This is one of the finest artistic skills I’ve seen in a person. The creativity in putting all things together (humanitarian values, awareness, history, art) was awesome. I can’t understand being the person doing all this stuff. It’s quite impressive and inspiring. All your hard work definitely paid off one day making many to cheer. One word which I can say for everything you’ve done here is God Bless You.

Jeeva Ratnam Pakerla, India

I find this absolutely inspiring and it definitely connects to me in a way. This will be the kind of way that could teach the world valuable lessons.

Kevin E.
Two people looking around inside the Dyning Room inner dining area space

Every time I stop by, I notice more and more of the subtleties, thus making a new experience every time. Very awe inspiring, and has a very large emotional impact for those who take the time to look around.

Josh Lelonek

One of the most magnificent pieces of expression I have ever seen. This kind of artwork is motivational to groundbreaking.

Brian Taylor

This was the first installation I’ve ever seen in person! It’s wonderful, all of the contrasts between peaceful suburban home with ominous death looming everywhere. I loved it!

Jessica Latham

Wow! Amazing. Brings you right into the reality that so many are dealing with. Also – amazing carpentry.

Carlos Costa

How wonderful! What a unique, provocative and real perspective. Great work, best wishes!

Natalie Myers

I will have to return to leave a better comment but not only is the entire installation a beautiful and thought provoking artwork but it has inspired me to continue to improve my own health. I love the wallpaper as well.

Sean O’Donohue

Talking to Kris and learning a bit about what she went through inspired me to give a helping hand in fighting against Cancer. I admire her care and lasting love she is showing for her loved ones she lost due to Cancer. I truly thank her for providing me with Cancer educational literature. I hope I pass those onto others in the future. Many Thanks.

Maliki Mamane, Niger

I thought that it was very intense. From the moment I walked in I thought something would jump out. It was very touching and great.


Amazing!! The level of detail is mind-blowing. It feels so real. I will be thinking about this piece for years to come. Especially in grad. school. You should be proud, you really pushed yourself and reached a new level. You will be a great designer.

Amanda Nees
Inside Dyning Room full-size installation
Inside “Dyning Room” full-size installation

Kris, I’m speechless with a giant lump in my throat. This truly showcased your love for your friends and family who lost the fight, and concern for us who still have time to make changes in our lives. Love is in the details and yours are impeccable. Congrats on a great job.

Ayanna McConnell

What amazing work you do. I am touched by the emotion incorporated into every aspect of the installation.

Jessee Roe
Two men looking at the brigthly colored Victorian style cancer wallpaper and a cross hanging on the wall with rosaries dangling off of it

Whether we will ever know the actual causations of these diseases is yet to be seen. How we cope as a society and individuals is how we carry on with those we have loved who have passed on before us. God Bless.

Ben G.

Wow Wow Wow! Very compelling – I think most everyone can relate to this.

Holly Grunn

Wow!! Thank you for sharing your talents, skills and emotions with us.

J. Lohn

I have been moved by your inspirations, depth of thought and talent. Don’t stop doing what inspires you for I have been enlightened by your work!

Kevin Lawson
Detail of entire back wall of Dyning Room interior
Detail of entire back wall of “Dyning Room” interior

Absolutely great!!! The atmosphere is there, the detail is amazing. The clock ticking gives it a new dimension on a whole new level. Very well done.


The inner Dyning Room area filled with people standing around the table seemingly with heads down to pray but really just looking at the details below
“Dyning Room” filled with onlookers, seemingly praying

Very effective message!


This was very cool. What a statement about the way Cancer effects so many. Having a chance to chat with Kris about our Cancer stories was very freeing, yet disturbing at the same time.

Loraine Hollinen

Wow – What a presentation. Hard work. Very effective of how Cancer affects our lives everyday and in different ways. So many emotions. Thank you for including us.

Carolyn and David Blatt

Congratulations! This was/is amazing. I’m truly impressed. I can see that a lot of hard work and feeling went into this creation. I’m glad that I was able to share in this event with you. Wow.

Angelique Rudolph

The Dyning Room was very personal for me for obvious reasons. Seeing the pictures of deceased loved ones brought a tear to my eye. The attention to detail and all the small thing become more obvious as you spend more time in the room. An amazing job. I was wowed.

Ralph Spitale

Congratulations! Kris, my wonderful daughter, you are so talented and creative, may this be a wonderful beginning for your career! My heart sank to see all our loved ones that passed away. Tears come to my eyes the pain and memories all came rushing back. How I miss them all! Then I remember all the happy times we had. I guess that is life and death. As I write this I am crying tears of joy. You are destined to be great!! Go with your gut and do it! Include your family and your wonderful husband, Brandon.

Joan Spitale

Kris, You have done an AMAZING job! I am so happy to see the work you’ve done come to fruition! I know that you have worked so hard and put a lot of heart and soul into your exhibition. It has been a joy to share in this time with you! You are a very talented and wonderful women. I hope this goes far and that you get super famous!

Marrianne Nelsen

At first glance I didn’t know what or care what was in The Dyning Room, however after talking with the artist and looking at her work I was at a loss of words. I have never seen anyone put forth so much work and detail in anything. I honestly believe this is the type of work that can create change because the message in the art really reaches out and touches you. In fact it has a strangle hold on you. This artwork is seriously the highlight of my day and probably of my week. Words can’t really explain how good this is.

Oluwadare Adewole

Kris (and Brandon) It was amazing!! I’m sure Dana and your family are smiling down on you and your accomplishment. Love always.

Torrie Habel

Kris and Brandon, What an amazing – life changing – show! It’s hard to believe that the blackout of 2003 at a Tori Amos Concert brought our paths together. I am so blessed to have you both in my life – and the world is a much brighter place with your creativity and vision. Enjoy your time to chine and explore every new opportunity coming your way. I love you and admire you both.

Robin Chaustowich

Congratulations! What a powerful and sentimental exhibit. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

Celestial Star Hendrix

Kris, You worked your tush off and it totally shows! My first instinct: Wow!!! You have transformed this space entirely. Good work. May you be a millionaire when the big guys want to take your show on the road! Keep in touch!!

Courtney Fitzpatrick

Wow! That’s amazing. What all work you had done for this presentation is simply awesome. I felt your love and feeling for your family and friends. You had reminded me some of my memories. All the best, Great Job.


The complexity and depth of this project is so haunting and captivating. It’s certainly one of the most (if not the most) fascinating exhibit I’ve encountered on this campus, ever. Thank God for your hard work and dedication to your message… what a gift! May he continue to bless your creative processing and give you even larger messages to put across in the future.

Scott Stevenson

Very courageous to make yourself so vulnerable – showing your feelings so deeply.


Congratulations on your thesis exhibit! Best wishes on your exciting future! The Rowe Family.

Virginia, Richard and Pam Rowe

Omg! I was speechless as I walked through. The longer I stood the more detail I noticed and it really had me in complete awe. Your passion and connection to your art work shows immensely. The Dyning Room is amazing at least. From the drawers filled with pills and the spilling trash basket and how real you made it for me. I have had family members die of Cancer and your display captured so much of what others I am sure can relate to as well. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I heard you say it’s everybody’s dining room and nobody’s dining room: phenomenal work lady!

Melissa May

You make me want to express, feel, create, many things. Sometimes you’re told not to, not in a naughty way… but maybe. Thank you for your passion and pursuit. Can’t wait to see your name on what I expect to be more amazing pieces. Don not forget The Incredible Shrinking Woman. Best.

Jessica Brent
Side Wall showing family members with black gauze draped over the ones that dies from Cancer
Family and friends who died of Cancer were draped in black cloth

Life is like a flower. It grows, blooms, and is gone. Sometimes we forget how quickly life passes (some quicker than others). May we all make the best of our time and be wise with it. This exhibit helped me to think about life and the shortness of it.

E. D.

Kris, Thank you for sharing a part of yourself that is so important and such a vital part of who you are. All the events of our life help complete who God wants us to be. I’m so blessed by this helping to move you closer to Him. Continued blessing on you and your family. Have your card and am praying for you. Your supporter extended.

Kate Williams

Kris, Congrats – You made it! It looks great!

Katie Rubin

Kris – This is amazing and truly powerful. As a (childhood) Cancer survivor, it really hits home. Thank you for this amazing work!

Regina Royan

Very creative and a wonderful illustration of everyday life and the struggles that those on Capitol Hill don’t see.


Very powerful and appropriate for the times

Adam Betz

Wonderfully strong sense of death. Love the progression through time.





Glenna Frank Miller

Beautiful. Sad. Funny. Sad. Educational. Did I say beautiful? Yes.

Catherine Powers

Many thoughts… made me think of how toxins affect the body and can cause different types of Cancers. Feelings are well displayed in plates and props. Amazing.

Reception notebook of comments
Reception notebook of comments

Very successful it really depressed me!

Ruthanne Henkel

This installation is wonderful. I love how much detail you had to put into it. Congratulations!

Cara Garnett

Incredible job. Your hard work has really paid off. The realness of the room is moving. Loved it!


Moving show and experience. Well done.


Amazing!!! Words can not express how moving this exhibit is and the impact it will and can have on others!

Katie Holdgreve-Resendez

Wow. You made me think and feel and promise to learn more. Thank you. Well done.

Kathy O.
View from inside corner of the Dyning Room
View from inside corner of the “Dyning Room”

What a powerful statement! Like an awful and haunting Walt Disney World!

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