Dyning Room Overview

An Installation of a constructed space included graphics created using Illustrator and Photoshop which were mounted to various substrates and materials to create an immersive walk-through environment.

Materials: Construction materials, electrical, wood, aluminum, cotton, paper, surgical cloth and gowns, S.S. metal, found objects, photography.
See images of the Dyning Room process by selecting that sub menu or view the video below to see how this design journey began.

Movie showing inspiration and process for the start of the Dyning Room exhibit
Inside building of the Dyning Room installation

MFA Thesis:

Cancer affects us, every day, in different ways. I believe our environment increases Cancer’s risk. To some, Cancer has touched our hearts. To others it has touched our bodies. Cancer affects our lives, our friends and our families.

This life-size installation represents the reliquary for my life. It contains my memories and feelings in dealing with close friends and relatives that have died of Cancer and the few that have survived their plight. It is my aim to allow you to enter this world inside my head. As everyone will be affected differently, it is my hope that you will take a tour and perhaps reflect amongst your own experiences in dealing with this disease.

The waiting room contains facts and documentation that I have collected throughout a two-year-long process. It is my hope that you will share in your experiences and stories with others to raise awareness. I encourage you to read more on how to gain prevention and avoid increasing your own Cancer risks.

— Kristina Rudolph

See how this process began.
Partial documentary DRAFT clip is below.

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