About me

Product Leader

Agile leader focused on productive safe spaces where teams can grow and collaborate to create amazing products

Scrum Master/Project Management

Expert at solving problems by managing workflow value, locating process improvements, and assisting development teams to be their best version.

Kristina helps enlighten teams and stakeholders to create and deploy products/services.

4 images left to right.
1. Kristina poses and smiles as sh takes a selfie volunteering at a Maker Works event teaching others how to solder.
2. Kristina in a blue shirt smiles holding up a blue name badge that says organizer.
3. Kristina with a group of eight other volunteers. Each wears various funny hats and glasses. She holds a mustache on a stick near her upper lip
4. Kristina rides a green electric two-wheeled bike wearing a black "Can I help" shirt and kaki pants.
Mentor, leader, and, active volunteer to the community

Semi-Pro Time

• Inc. Connect Solopreneur
Mentor (book a time) Design & UX
• Connector and mentor — LinkedIn
Medium.com and UX collective writer
• Reader of design, business, & tech
• Community volunteer, speaker, & conference moderator
• Design, Business, and Agile Meetup buff

A row of seven thick three-ring binders. Some are labeled leadership, coding, 3d printing, HTML 5 / CSS3, and designing your life. Other binders a couple binders are unlabeled.
To the right there are a few spiral bound notebooks
Always learning about all things leadership, design, business, coding etc.

“After School” Activities

• 5k runner
• Crafter
• Lego builder
• Lover and user of power tools
• Home improvement designer/builder
• Gluten-free baker

5 images left to right.
1. Kristina running in a blue running shirt and black shorts away from the camera on a paved road
2. Kristina's hand peels away a black cut vinyl stencil revealing a pained pumpkin on a sign that says "give thanks"
3. The finished beige flat board oriented vertically with a green painted pumpkin on top, the words give thanks underneath and an orange pumpkin on the bottom
4. A yellow lego caracter with a white tshirt and bluejeans and pink short hair holds a lego saw.
5. Gluten free soft white chocolate macadamia nut cookies cooling on a dark colored cooling rack.

Pride projects

  • The Dyning Room,” Built as an immersive ADA accessible walk-through environment utilizing the five senses for her MFA thesis exploring how environmental factors increase Cancer’s risk.
  • Complete basement gut and redesign of a hang-out area, studio, shop room, bar area, and massive storage closets (below)
  • Complete gut and redesign and build of a kitchen (below)
4 images from left to right.
1. A 70's paneled brown wall basement with a low yellowed drop ceiling and old florescent recessed lighting with yellow carpet in an open floorplan.
2. A completely redesigned basement with a painted black rafter ceiling and modern recessed lights with light blue painted drywall, white panel closet doors, a bar, and two tan couches in a warm cozy space.
3. Mid kitchen remodel showing a dirty subfloor, a trench dug, some old white painted cabinets not yet removed and black tarps hang from the ceiling.
4. A newly remodeled kitchen with a raised island, brown wood flat panel wall cabinets on either side of a far window with a wood pantry and island and a dark granite gray/black countertop. Three pendant lights hang from the ceiling.
Left two images: Before and after of basement remodel
Right two images: During and after of kitchen remodel

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