About me

Human-Centered Leader

Product Design and Product Management

As a forward-thinking collaborative design and business servant leader, I change the status quo by remaining grounded to the trenches of the mess.

  • Agile leadership, growth, mentoring, education, and teamwork
  • Advocate for accessible and inclusive products, training, and services

Semi-Pro Time

• Inc. Connect Solopreneur
Mentor (book a time) Design & UX
• Connector and mentor — LinkedIn
Medium.com and UX collective writer
• Reader of design, business, & tech
• Community volunteer
• Design meetup & conference buff

4 images left to right.
1. Kristina poses and smiles as sh takes a selfie volunteering at a Maker Works event teaching others how to solder.
2. Kristina in a blue shirt smiles holding up a blue name badge that says organizer.
3. Kristina with a group of eight other volunteers. Each wears various funny hats and glasses. She holds a mustache on a stick near her upper lip
4. Kristina rides a green electric two-wheeled bike wearing a black "Can I help" shirt and kaki pants.
Mentor, leader, and, active volunteer to the community
A row of seven thick three-ring binders. Some are labeled leadership, coding, 3d printing, HTML 5 / CSS3, and designing your life. Other binders a couple binders are unlabeled.
To the right there are a few spiral bound notebooks
Always learning about all things leadership, design, business, coding etc.

After “School” Activities

• 5k runner
• Crafter
• Lego builder
• Lover and user of power tools
• Home improvement designer/builder
• Gluten-free baker

5 images left to right.
1. Kristina running in a blue running shirt and black shorts away from the camera on a paved road
2. Kristina's hand peels away a black cut vinyl stencil revealing a pained pumpkin on a sign that says "give thanks"
3. The finished beige flat board oriented vertically with a green painted pumpkin on top, the words give thanks underneath and an orange pumpkin on the bottom
4. A yellow lego caracter with a white tshirt and bluejeans and pink short hair holds a lego saw.
5. Gluten free soft white chocolate macadamia nut cookies cooling on a dark colored cooling rack.

Pride projects

  • The Dyning Room,” Built as an immersive ADA accessible walk-through environment utilizing the five senses for her MFA thesis exploring how environmental factors increase Cancer’s risk.
  • Complete basement gut and redesign of a hang-out area, studio, shop room, bar area, and massive storage closets
  • Complete gut and redesign and build of a kitchen
4 images from left to right.
1. A 70's paneled brown wall basement with a low yellowed drop ceiling and old florescent recessed lighting with yellow carpet in an open floorplan.
2. A completely redesigned basement with a painted black rafter ceiling and modern recessed lights with light blue painted drywall, white panel closet doors, a bar, and two tan couches in a warm cozy space.
3. Mid kitchen remodel showing a dirty subfloor, a trench dug, some old white painted cabinets not yet removed and black tarps hang from the ceiling.
4. A newly remodeled kitchen with a raised island, brown wood flat panel wall cabinets on either side of a far window with a wood pantry and island and a dark granite gray/black countertop. Three pendant lights hang from the ceiling.

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