DR Process

It all began with a quilt. The colors and content of the quilt inspired the entire installation called the “Dyning Room.” Auditory, olfactory, tactile and interactive elements created a heightened experience.

Accessibility within the exhibit

  • The William Tell Overture (Spring) played in the background by the entrance while birds sang and the occasional dog barked to authenticate a surreal outdoor auditory experience.
  • The inner Dyning Room area had sounds of oxygen machine hums, infrequent coughing and the occasional ghost phone ringing, which left an eerie feeling inside.
  •     William Tell Overture w/ ambient outdoor sounds
  • This exhibit had a wheelchair accessible walkway to the central waiting room lobby area.
  • Flowers, which could be smelled, slowly wilted and died throughout the life of the exhibit in the gallery.
  • Items within the exhibit could be touched; under supervision for blind visitors. The walkway path was lined with castle-wall blocks to help guide all visitors into the exhibit space.
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